Privacy Policy

The application “A More Beautiful Journey” is a web-based Mobile App, downloadable for smartphone. It is a temporary, independent public art project presented by Intersection Music & Arts in Toronto, Canada, using the software Soundways (

1 – Personal data

The application “A More Beautiful Journey” and its server do not collect any personal data from the user such as name, address, or email. Downloads of the app are free and anonymous.

2 – Collected Data

Our server, hosted by SoundWays ( collects certain information based on the location of log files and cookies. This information is composed principally of:

  • date / hour of access
  • IP address
  • type of request and resource requested

These files allow us to establish statistics about the use of A More Beautiful Journey in order to best execute the necessary resources for the functioning of the app.

Other information collected by the application A More Beautiful Journey:

  • The number of activated sound elements
  • The number of activated text or image attachments connected to these sound elements

This data is required, and used, solely for establishing statistics about the usage of data present in A More Beautiful Journey.

3 – Resources used

In the mode called “In Situ”, the GPS of a smartphone is used to locate the user and to activate sound elements associated with their placement. It is used only for the functioning of the “A More Beautiful Journey” app, which provides sound journeys for users. This locating data is not saved.

Smartphone tools like the camera and microphone are not used by A More Beautiful Journey.

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